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Ways Our Team Works to Create Success for Our Sellers

Today we would like to cover two ways our team helps clients achieve success.

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Today I am joined by one of our team’s listing experts, Sarah Fechtel, to discuss her role at the Huffaker group. In addition to that, we will also cover some new technology our team has recently adopted. With that said, let’s jump in to our first question:

What is a listing expert, and what benefits do they provide for our team’s clients?

In short, listing experts work to make the home selling process easy from start to finish. They help sellers navigate each step, and have the assistance of an amazing support staff as they do so.

The work that Sarah and other listing experts do actually earns sellers $15,000 more, on average, than what they would earn when working with a typical agent on the sale of their property. It is easy to see how professionals like Sarah are of substantial benefit to those who plan to list their home.

Now that we have highlighted Sarah’s role, let’s move on to our next topic. Our team recently partnered with Matterport—a software company whose 3D cameras allow us to create incredible virtual home tours for our clients. There are three primary resources why our collaboration with Matterport can be so helpful in making listings stand out:

1. Buyers will be more engaged with your listing. Rather than simply clicking through photos, potential buyers will have the option to essentially “walk through” your home with Matterport’s 3D virtual tour. This generates a higher level of interest in the home and also gives buyers the chance to visualize themselves there before physically stepping foot within the property.


We are sincerely committed to helping our clients achieve the highest possible level of success.


2. Buyers will be able to see more details about your home than what is listed on the MLS. The MLS has a very limited scope in terms of what a listing will actually tell buyers about a home. Matterport allows you to put various “Mattertags” at different locations throughout the property. These Mattertags display additional information about specific home features so that buyers engaged a virtual tour can truly get to know the property.

3. Buyers will remember your home. The more listings someone visits, the less they’re likely to recall about each. Details about design and layout will become hazy for other homes, but a property that has been captured with 3D digital technology will remain fresh in a buyer’s mind, as this allows them to visit a property again and again if they so choose.

With over 90% of buyers beginning their home search online, this kind of technology is becoming increasingly critical to any seller’s success. These days, a buyer’s first impression is shaped by what they see online. And because we at the Huffaker Group believe so strongly in the power of this technology, these Matterport tours are something we provide for our clients at no additional charge. We are sincerely committed to helping our clients achieve the highest possible level of success.

If you have any other questions or would like more information, feel free to give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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