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Keeping in Touch With Your Database Is Essential

Maintaining communication with your database is essential to a successful business. Here are some tips how to do that.

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Today, we at the Huffaker Group want to send out some information of value to you concerning an important topic: the database.

Over time, we’ve become very passionate and specific about the way we approach our database. According to Gary Keller, our business is our database and our database is our business. With tech trends changing all the time and the way our industry is moving, the bigger we can build our database, the more successful our business is going to be over time.

For that reason, I want to share a couple of tips about what we do in order to maximize exposure for our database—including information about frequencies, contacts, and communication.

Call through your database four times a year so that each person will get a call from you every quarter.

A Harvard Business study has been done to look at how often and how quickly one ought to contact people. We know that with new leads, the optimal response time is within five minutes. It’s also ideal to make more than six call attempts over the next seven to 10 days following initial contact.

The intention for a qualify campaign is to find out what their real status is, and what you want to do with them next. Once you can answer that question, you can turn the qualify campaign off. You’re then going to mark them as ‘hot’ if they’re looking to buy a home right now, or you’ll move them into a ‘watch’ category. Some of those in the watch category may end up becoming hot in the next three to six months, so those will need a consistent two-week follow-up. For our agents, follow-up communication can consist of a simple phone call or a text.

We also want to talk about how we communicate with our nurtured—our real database of people who know us, like us, and want to use us for real estate. We ask every time we get on the phone, “Who do you trust when you think of real estate?” When the lead responds that they don’t have someone to trust, to us, that’s a golden opportunity to ask to be that person to them.

We’re under the impression that email is dead. Print, texts, and videos are the way to go; static emails are just not getting through. You should:

  • Call through your database four times a year so that each person will get a call from you every quarter.
    Text them once every six months.
  • Send out a monthly newsletter. Keep this cost relatively low, so that as your database grows, your expenditures don’t become excessive.
  • Send two video emails a month. Pay attention to how many clicks you get on each video to explore how impactful they are.
  • Focus on creating events for clients to attend.

The more you communicate with your clients to provide items of value to them, the more they’re going to think of you when they choose real estate. If you have any questions, please contact us. We’d be happy to help.

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